Best Male Girth Enhancement westward towards Central America. At length, to the great joy of the pilots, they caught sight of the north star, almost on the same altitude as it was seen at Portugal. They thus knew that they were approaching the termination of their voyage. Steering north, they came to an anchor in the port of Angra, in the island of Terceira, towards the end of August. So battered were the ships that it was with difficulty they could be kept afloat. Of the two crews not sixty men survived. Many of these also died on reaching the shore, and among them, to the great grief of his brother, was Paulo da Gama, who survived but one day, and was buried in the Monastery of Saint Best Male Girth Enhancement Francis. The authorities discharge the cargoes and place Best Male Girth Enhancement them on board other ships, but to this Vasco da Gama would not consent and having them Best Male Girth Enhancement partially repaired, he again sailed, accompanied by several other vessels, and arrived Best Male Girth Enhancement safely in the Tagus on the Best Male Girth Enhancement 18th of September, 1499. Endeavouring to overcome the grief he f

varitonil male enhancement elt Best Male Girth Enhancement for the loss Best Male Girth Enhancement of his brother, handsomely enhancement pills dressed, his beard, not cut since he sailed, streaming over his breast, he landed to present himself to the King, who had come down staminon male enhancement pills to the beach at Cascaes to welcome him. The next day the King received him at his palace, when Best Male Girth Enhancement he bestowed upon him the honourable title of dom, to be borne by him and his heirs. They afterwards repaired to the Queen s apartments, where Nicolas Coelho, who had charge of the Best Male Girth Enhancement presents, was summoned, and where, having kissed the hands of the King an. d Queen, they exhibited the magnificent jewels and stuffs which they had gnc best male enhancement sizegenix brought. Although the King promised to reward honest Coelho, it does not Best Male Girth Enhancement appear how this was done. The pilots, having been brought in chains before the King, as Vasco da Gama had sworn to do, they were pardoned. Best Male Girth Enhancement The old Jew, the Moorish pilots, and the prisoners taken in the fustas were landed, and either from the instructions they best sex pill for men received from the priests on board or afterwards, all became Christ

Best Male Girth Enhancement

ians, the old Jew taking the name Best Male Girth Enhancement of Gaspar da Gama, the Captain Major standing as his godfather. The King also had frequent conversations with him, and so pleased was his Majesty with what he heard that he made him many presents from his own wardrobe and horses from his stables, and gave him the Best Male Girth Enhancement slaves who had been brought from India. After this he.was always known as Gaspar of the Indies. The Best Male Girth Enhancement crews were handsomely paid, and each man received a portion of the cargoes to bestow in gifts on their families and friends, while the heirs of the deceased also received the wages which were their due. This memorable voyage lasted, from the day Dom Vasco left Best Male Girth Enhancement Lisbon to that of his return, exactly thirty two months, and of the one hundred and fifty men who left Portugal only fifty five came back. This voyage may be considered one of the most notable on Best Male Girth Enhancement record. The dreaded Cape of Storms, henceforth to be known as the Cape of Best Male Girth Enhancement Good Hope, had been doubled, a large portion of the east coast of Afri

ca hitherto unknown had been visited, the Indian Ocean, which no European keel had ever before ploughed, had male enhancement pornhub been traversed, and India, the great object of the voyage, had been. reached, all the difficulties and dangers to which the explorers were Best Male Girth Enhancement exposed being manfully overcome. More remarkable shoot massive loads still had been the return voyage in battered ships, the scanty crews suffering deep sleep herbal medicine reviews from sickness, yet Best Male Girth Enhancement their Best Male Girth Enhancement brave leaders, with indomitable perseverance and hardihood, keeping on their course week after week and month after month over the ocean, guided by Best Male Girth Enhancement the stars and the imperfect instruments they possessed. Twice after this Vasco da Gama sailed for India. His second voyage was commenced in 1502, when he visited many places he had before discovered, and returned the next year with Best Male Girth Enhancement twelve richly Best Male Girth Enhancement laden Best Male Girth Enhancement ships. Meantime the Portuguese had sent out, year after year, numerous fleets with large bodies of men, who, by force or geoduck x5 male enhancement stratagem, took possession of many places increase seminal fluid production along the eastern coast of Africa, a