Extenz Results g in Strephon. STREPHON. No. My heart is broken. He goes into the temple. ECRASIA. Must I Extenz Results pass the night alone She looks round, seeking another partner but they have all gone. After all, I can imagine a lover nobler than any of you. She goes into the temple. It is now quite dark. A vague radiance appears near the temple and shapes it.self into Extenz Results the ghost of Adam. A WOMAN S VOICE in the Extenz Results grove Who is that ADAM. The ghost of Extenz Results Adam, the first father of mankind. Who are you THE VOICE. The ghost of Eve, the first mother of mankind. ADAM. Come forth, wife and shew yourself to me. EVE appearing near the grove Here I am, husband. Extenz Results You are very old. A VOICE in the hills Ha ha ha ADAM. Who laughs Who dares laugh at Adam EVE. Who has the heart to laugh at Eve THE VOICE. The ghost of Cain, the first child, and the first murderer. He appears between them and as he does so there is a prolonged hiss. Who dares hiss at Cain, the lord of death A VOICE. The ghost of the serpent, that lived before Adam and before Eve, and taught the.m how to bring forth Cain. She becomes visible, coiled in the trees. A VOICE. There is one that came before the

serpent. THE SERPENT. That is the voice of Lilith, in whom the father and mother were one. Hail, Lilith Lilith becomes visible between Cain and Adam. Extenz Results LILITH. I suffered unspeakably I tore myself asunder I lost my life, to make of my one flesh these twain, man and woman. And this is genex male enhancement what has come of it. What do you make vivotex male enhancement of it, Adam, my son ADAM. I made the earth bring forth by my labor, and the woman penis enlargement los angeles bring forth by my love. And this is what has Extenz Results come of it. Extenz Results What do you make of it, Eve, my wife EVE. Extenz Results I nourished Extenz Results the egg in my body and fed it with my blood. Extenz Results And now they let i. t fall as the birds did, and suffer not at all. best natural supplements for male enhancement size What do you make of it, Cain, my first born CAIN. I invented killing and conquest and mastery and the winnowing out thunder hard male enhancement of the weak by the strong. And now the strong have slain one another and the weak live for ever and their deeds do Extenz Results nothing for the doer more than for another. What do you make of it, snake THE SERPENT. I am justified. For I chose wisdom and the knowledge of good and evil and now there is no evil and wisdom and good are one. It is enough. She vanishes. CAIN. There is no place for me on earth an

Extenz Results

y longer. You cannot deny that mine was a splendid game while it lasted. But now Out, out, brief candle He vanishes. EVE. The cl.ever ones were always my favorites. The diggers and Extenz Results Extenz Results the fighters have dug themselves in with the worms. My clever ones have inherited the earth. All s well. She fades Extenz Results away. ADAM. I can make nothing of it, neither head nor tail. What is it all for Why Whither Whence We were well enough in the garden. And Extenz Results now Extenz Results the fools have killed all the animals and they are dissatisfied because they cannot be bothered with their bodies Foolishness, I call it. He disappears. LILITH. They have accepted the burden of eternal life. They have taken the agony from birth and their life does not fail them even in the hour of their destruction. Their breasts are without milk their bowels are gone the very.shapes of them are only ornaments for their children to admire and caress without understanding. Is this enough or shall I labor again Shall Extenz Results I bring forth something that will sweep them away and make an end of them as they have swept away the beasts of the garden, and made Extenz Results an end of the crawling things and the flying

things and of all Extenz Results them that refuse to live for ever I had patience with them for many ages male enhancement pills that contain sidefenal they tried me very sorely. They sexual testosterone booster did terrible things they embraced death, and said that eternal life was a fable. I stood amazed Extenz Results at the malice and destructiveness of the things I had made Mars blushed as he looked does extends work down on the penis enlargment pills shame of his sister planet cruelty and all natural male enhancement coffee hypocrisy becam. e so hideous that the face of the earth was pitted with the graves of little children among which living skeletons crawled in search of horrible food. The pangs of another birth were already upon me when one Extenz Results man repented and lived three hundred years and I waited to see what would come Extenz Results of that. And so much came of it that the horrors of Extenz Results that time seem now but an evil dream. They have redeemed themselves from their vileness, and turned away from their sins. Best of all, they are still not satisfied the impulse I gave them in that day when I sundered myself in twain and launched Man and Woman on the earth still urges them after passing a million goals they press on to Extenz Results the goal of red. emption from the flesh, to the vortex Extenz Results freed from matter, to the whirlpool