Increase Ejaculation soldiers that, notwith.standing the Increase Ejaculation addition of a circuit of six miles and a considerable delay in fording the river, before the ninth hour of the day they Increase Ejaculation came up with those who had set out at the third watch. LXV. When Afranius, who was in company with Increase Ejaculation Petreius, saw them at a distance, being affrighted at so unexpected a sight, he halted on a rising ground and drew up his army. Caesar refreshed his army on the plain that he might not expose them to battle whilst fatigued and when the enemy attempted to renew their march, he Increase Ejaculation pursued Increase Ejaculation and stopped them. They were obliged to pitch their camp sooner than they had intended, for there were mountains at a small distance and difficult and narrow roads awaited th.em about five miles off. They retired behind these mountains that they might avoid Caesar s cavalry, and, placing parties in the narrow roads, stop Increase Ejaculation the progress of his army and lead their own forces across the Ebro without danger or apprehension. This it was their interest to attempt and to effect by any means possible but, fatigu

ed by the skirmishes all day, and by the labour of their march, they deferred it till the following day Caesar likewise encamped on the next hill. Increase Ejaculation LXVI. About midnight a few of their men who had gone some distance from the camp to fetch water, Increase Ejaculation being taken by our horse, Caesar is informed Increase Ejaculation by them that the generals of the enemy male enhancement with no side effects were drawing their troops viagr xxx male enhancement out. of the camp without noise. Upon this information Caesar ordered the signal to be given and the military shout to be raised for Increase Ejaculation packing up the baggage. When they heard the shout, sx pills male enhancement being afraid lest they should be stopped in the night and obliged to engage under their baggage, or lest they should be confined in the narrow roads by Caesar s horse, they put a stop to their march and kept their Increase Ejaculation forces in their camp. The next day Petreius went out privately with a few horse to reconnoitre the country. A similar movement was made from Caesar s camp. Lucius Decidius super ginko for male enhancement Increase Ejaculation Saxa was detached with a small party to explore the nature of the country. Each returned with the penis stretcher results same account to his camp, th

Increase Ejaculation

.at there Increase Ejaculation was a level road for the next five miles, that there then succeeded a rough and mountainous country. Whichever should first obtain possession of the defiles would have no trouble in preventing the other s progress. LXVII. There was a debate in the council between Afranius and Petreius, and the time of marching was the subject. The majority were of opinion that they should begin their march at night, for they might reach Increase Ejaculation the defiles before Increase Ejaculation they should be discovered. Others, because a shout had been raised the Increase Ejaculation night before in Caesar s camp, used this as an argument that they could not leave the camp unnoticed that Caesar s cavalry were patrolling the whole night, and that al.l the ways and roads were beset that Increase Ejaculation battles at night ought to be avoided, because in civil dissension, a soldier once daunted is more apt to consult his fears than his oath that the daylight raised a strong sense of shame in the eyes of all, and Increase Ejaculation that the presence of the tribunes and centurions had the same effect by these things the soldiers would be

re strained and awed to their duty. Wherefore they should, erectile dysfunction natural by all means, attempt to force their way by day for, though a trifling loss might be sustained, yet the Increase Ejaculation post which they desired might be secured with safety to the main body of the army. This opinion prevailed in Increase Ejaculation the council, and the next day, at the dawn, they resolved to set. forward. Increase Ejaculation LXVIII. Caesar, having taken a view of the country, the moment the sky began rock hard pill to grow white, led his forces from the camp and penis pumping for length marched at the head of his army by a best memory booster supplements long Increase Ejaculation circuit, keeping to no regular road for the road which led to the Ebro and Octogesa was occupied by the enemy s camp, which lay in Caesar s way. His soldiers were obliged to cross extensive and difficult valleys. Craggy cliffs, in several places, interrupted their march, insomuch that their arms had prolong male enhancement cost to be handed to Increase Ejaculation one another, and the soldiers were forced to perform a great part of their march Increase Ejaculation unarmed, and were lifted up the rocks by each other. But not a man murmured at the fatigue, because they imagined t. hat there would be