Male Enhancement he first founding of this city, a site was set apart for the episcopal residence. The place was very convenient, as it is close to the church but it is very cramped, not containing in all more than about thirty seven paces in width, Male Enhancement and about seventy four in length, which is not sufficient for an ordinary citizen s house, which should have a small court. With greater reason there is not room for a prelate, who cannot go out on the plazas for his health and recreation, to Male Enhancement take a little air, but who must find some relief within his own house especially in so hot a climate as this and who must Male Enhancement have apartments for servants, a p.rison, Male Enhancement audience chamber, and other rooms. I beg your Majesty to send an Male Enhancement order that at any rate the archbishop should be assigned a site on which to build a suitable house. As for the building, your Majesty knows well that I have not enough for it unless I be aided nor have I, either, sufficient to pay six hundred pesos for the hire of a house. The fathers of the Society claim that your Majesty should

give them a university for these islands. This your Majesty Male Enhancement should not do, unless you grant the same to reviews of enzyte natural male enhancement all the orders Male Enhancement and the secular clergy as well. This is especially true now, among these intrusive machinations. If your Majesty were pleased to entrust to me the regulating of these matters I should endeavor to independent male enhancement reviews do so. Still less should the claim of the said fathers of the Society be granted, nor can it, in conscience, b. e allowed, that they appropriate for themselves, on the plea of using them for these chairs of instruction , certain revenues from Male Enhancement the funds left here most popular male enhancement pills by some of the Male Enhancement old soldiers as restitutions to the Indians. Male Enhancement With these moneys great good has been done for the poor Indians now redeeming captives from Male Enhancement those who carry them away to sell them among the Moros and other infidels, where they lose the faith again, aiding them in their sickness, and famines, and the like. Indeed, rhino black 3k 3000 male enhancement performance pill capsule I Male Enhancement am unable to comprehend the consciences of can women take extenze male enhancement pills men who would attempt to take this money from the poor Indians, and put an end to so goo

Male Enhancement

d works. May God grant His light to us all. It has been reported here that your Majesty, or your royal person, is being consulted in regard to the religious going to Japon by way of India. For the relief of my conscienc.e, Male Enhancement knowing so much as I do of this, I must say that those who propose such a thing either know nothing of affairs here or else Male Enhancement they know a great deal, and are talking very artfully in the matter, and for the sake of this country intend that the religious should not enter Japon at any rate, saying that the religious must go through India to preach in Japon is the same as saying that they shall not go to Japon. Sire, the Male Enhancement clear and evident truth is that by way Male Enhancement of India there is little or no thought of preaching or conversion. Let none deceive your Majesty, our king and lord for they are gravely in the wrong who would deceive you and not tell you the truth sincerely. Manila, July Male Enhancement 6, 1603. Fray Miguel , bishop and archbishop elect of Manila. LETTERS TO FELIPE III Letter from the Audiencia of Manila Sire With t Male Enhancement

he letter whi. ch your Majesty graciously sent to this Audiencia informing it of male enhancement surgery philadelphia the fortunate birth of the most serene infanta 26 our lady, we have received the great satisfaction which should be all day penis stretcher Male Enhancement Male Enhancement experienced by all the vassals of your Majesty. Since so great a part of the grace which our Lord has vouchsafed us Male Enhancement has fallen to our Male Enhancement share, measures will be taken sex male enhancement with great care and diligence for the arrangement of celebrations Male Enhancement and feast days, in grateful recognition of so andractim male enhancement great a good, and of the obligation which your Majesty lays upon us. In l glutamine male enhancement the margin There is no answer. On the twenty third of this month this Audiencia received as its auditors, Male Enhancement in accordance with the commissions which they bear from your Majesty, the licentiates Andres de Alcaraz and Manuel de Madrid y Luna. Doctor Antonio de Morga, who was an auditor thereof, and to. whom your Majesty has extended the favor Male Enhancement of promoting him to the place of alcalde of the criminal court of the Audiencia of the city of Mexico, will leave with these ships to take up the duty