Stamina Pills eft wing of Pompey s army was surrounded, and obliged to be the first to flee. But when Pompey saw his cavalry routed, and that part of his army on which he reposed his greatest hopes throw.n into confusion, despairing of the Stamina Pills rest, he quitted the field, and retreated straightway on horseback Stamina Pills to his camp, and calling to the Stamina Pills centurions, whom he had placed to guard the praetorian gate, with a loud voice, that the soldiers might hear Secure the camp, says he, defend it with diligence, if any danger should Stamina Pills threaten it I will visit the other gates, and encourage the guards of the camp. Having thus said, he retired into his tent in utter Stamina Pills despair, yet anxiously waiting the issue. XCV. Caesar having forced the Pompeians to flee into their entrenchment, and thinking that he ought not to allow them any respite to recover from their fright, exhorted his soldiers to take advantage.of fortune s kindness, and to attack the camp. Though they were fatigued by the intense heat, for the battle had continued till mid day, yet, being prepared to undergo any labour, they cheerfully obeyed his command. The camp was bravely defended by the cohorts which had been left to guard it, but with much

more spirit by the Thracians and foreign auxiliaries. For the soldiers who had fled Stamina Pills Stamina Pills for refuge to it from the field of battle, affrighted and exhausted by fatigue, having thrown away their arms and military standards, Stamina Pills had their thoughts more engaged on their further escape than on the defence red bull male enhancement of the camp. Nor could the troops who were Stamina Pills posted on the battlements long withstand the. immense number of our side effects of extenze darts, but fainting under their wounds, quitted the place, and under the conduct of their centurions and tribunes, increasing penile girth fled, without stopping, to the high mountains which joined the camp. XCVI. In Pompey s camp you might see arbours in which tables were laid, a large quantity Stamina Pills of plate set out, the floors of the tents covered with fresh sods, the tents of Lucius Lentulus and others shaded with ivy, and many other things which were proofs of excessive luxury, and a confidence of victory, so that it might readily be inferred that they had no do male enhancement pills kill sperm apprehensions of Stamina Pills the issue of herbal sex pill the day, as they indulged themselves in unnecessary pleasures, and Stamina Pills yet Stamina Pills upbraided with luxury Cae. sar s army, distressed and suffering troops, who had always been in want of common necessaries. Pompey, as soon as

Stamina Pills

our men had forced the trenches, mounting his horse, and stripping off his general s habit, went hastily out of the back gate Stamina Pills of the camp, and galloped Stamina Pills with all speed to Larissa. Nor did he stop there, but with the same despatch collecting a few of his flying troops, and halting neither day nor night, he arrived at the sea side, attended by only thirty horse, and went on board a victualling barque, often complaining, as we have been told, that he had been so deceived in his expectation, that he was almost persuaded Stamina Pills that he had been betrayed by those from whom he had ex.pected victory, as they began the flight. XCVII. Caesar having possessed himself of Pompey s camp, urged his Stamina Pills soldiers not to be too intent on plunder, and lose the opportunity Stamina Pills of completing their conquest. Having obtained their consent, he began to draw lines round the mountain. The Pompeians distrusting the position, as there Stamina Pills was no water on the mountain, abandoned it, and all began Stamina Pills to retreat towards Larissa which Caesar perceiving, divided his troops, and ordering part of his legions to remain in Pompey s camp, sent back a part to his own camp, and taking four legions with him, went by a shorter road to

intercept the enemy and Stamina Pills having marched six miles, drew up his army. But the. Pompeians observing this, took post on a Stamina Pills mountain whose foot was washed by a river. Caesar having encouraged his troops, though Stamina Pills Stamina Pills they were greatly exhausted by incessant labour the Stamina Pills whole day, and night was now approaching, by throwing up works cut off the Stamina Pills communication between the river and the mountain, male enhancement pills pictures before and after that the enemy might chinese herbal medicine male enhancement not get penies enlargement water in the night. As soon as the work was finished, they sent how to make cum thicker ambassadors to Stamina Pills treat about how to build up more semen a capitulation. A few senators who had espoused that party, made thei