All about the cost of hair transplant in Tijuana

  • all-about-the-cost-of-hair-transplant-in-tijuana

Those who suffer from hair loss want to know about the cost of hair transplant before going under any procedure. But before we can determine the cost of a hair transplant in Tijuana, we must take into account the following, which varies between patients:

  • Hair transplant technique
  • Extension of the area to repopulate
  • Number of follicles to extract

The first thing we must know is the technique to apply. There are two hair restoration treatments: FUE, a surgery that requires no scalpel or stitches and extracts each follicle one by one; and FUT, which requires us to extirpate a strip of scalp to separate each follicle.

Even though both treatments offer a permanent solution to alopecia, the costs of hair transplant through the FUE technique exceed those of the FUT technique. This is because the FUE technique requires us to undergo a specialized and thorough procedure that offers immediate results with no scars.

The surgery with the Follicular Unit Extraction technique is based upon the most cutting-edge hair transplant technology, and its results are superior in quality and precision than those surgeries made using the FUT technique.

The second factor we need to take into account is the extension of scalp we want to repopulate. The grade of alopecia will influentiate the duration and price of the transplant.

The most important factor we need to review before giving you a quote is the most important: how many follicles do you need? Normally, the clinics base their costs on the number of follicles needed to cover the areas you want.

In a 6 to 8 hour session of FUE transplant, we can extract around 1,500 and 3,000 grafts of hair. In the United States, the prices vary between 6 and 12 dollars per unit.

The price of a complete hair transplant using the FUE method is around 20 thousand and 120 thousand Mexican pesos, but those patients suffering from advanced alopecia pay around 40 and 50 thousand Mexican pesos to recover their hair permanently.

Last but not least, we need to remember that every patient is different and, before you worry about the economic part of the treatment, the best thing is to get a professional evaluation to know your options and which hair restoration treatment is better for your personal needs.

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