Beard and eyebrow hair transplant in Tijuana is suited for those who are losing hair in cheeks, chin, neck, sideburns, and eyebrows.

beard hair transplant in tijuana

Beard hair transplant in Tijuana

Main Problems

One of the main problems of beard alopecia is the aesthetic one. The hair does not cover the entire area. In these cases, men start to lose their sideburns, the beard is not think or the moustache does not entirely grow.

There are different causes for this type of alopecia. One of the main reasons is genetics, each face has a genetic pattern that dictates the amount of hair one has. Among other causes is alopecia areata, which is caused by a bacteria or fungus infection or chemotherapy.

Why isn’t my beard growing?

The causes of beard alopecia are different for each individual, the main one is a genetic pattern determining the form, type and thickness of facial hair. Each person has a different pattern, showing more or less facial hair, but if you have beard alopecia for genetic reasons is probable that your parents also have it.

Other common cause for beard alopecia is stress. In patients with immunologic problems or stress, alopecia is presented as a matter of circular patches with no hair.

Among other causes is alopecia areata, an infection caused by bacteria or fungus, and chemotherapy. This type of alopecia is in the group of non-scarring alopecia.

Beard alopecia affects partially:

• Cheeks                  • Chin                  • Moustache

• Neck                     • Sideburns         • Double chin

Stress and family history

Depending on the type of beard alopecia, in some cases it may be reversed by stimulating the follicles with the correct treatment. It can also be treated through the FUE technique for hair transplant.

In some cases, the face’s follicles are weak, and the beard does not develop entirely. There is a common belief that says that it you shave the area with less hair, this will get thicker and start to grow, but this is not proven to work for all patients. There are some other treatments, but none of the, has been scientifically proven.

Some patients have facial hair but it becomes less thick with time, this might be due to an infection, an immunologic issue, or caused by a scar.

If you have areas on your face where there is no hair growing, visit your doctor.

Beard and eyebrow alopecia treatment. The treatment varies from person to person, but most of the time we use those used for hair loss.

Eyebrow hair transplant in Tijuana

Common problems

Unlike beard alopecia, the defect caused by eyebrow alopecia if harder to hide or disguise since eyebrows are one of the main aspects of the face and facial expressions.

An appropriate eyebrow design helps highlight a woman’s features, specially the eyes and nose. Apart from giving you an aesthetic face, the eyebrows also protect you from the intensity of sunlight. Patients with eyebrow alopecia might have some complications during their daily life.

Eyebrow alopecia origins from different causes, it is necessary for a professional to give you a diagnosis before starting any kind of treatment, be it medical or surgical.

Aesthetic disorder

This type of alopecia is an aesthetic disorder characterized by the loss of hair in the area above the eyes -the eyebrows. Eyebrow alopecia is related to aging, but it’s not the only reason for it to appear. Among the causes are:

• Traumatisms caused by punches or blows

• Chemotherapy

• Traumatisms caused by burns

• Alopecia areata

• Badly-done depilation

• Hypothyroidism

• Psychological disorders

• Medicines

Sun protection

As of eyebrow alopecia, the problem is – besides from the aesthetic one – that it affects sight, since the eyebrows protect us against the sun.

Though sometimes facial hair is recovered naturally, it is important to contact a doctor, since the episode could repeat itself.

The most common eyebrow alopecia treatments are through medicines and through hair transplant.

eyebrow hair transplant in tijuana

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