Our medical team specializes in hair restoration treatments in Tijuana. We are experts in the FUE technique, a surgery with no stitches or pain.

As founders of Hair Medical Restoration, Doctors Cortez have made of hair transplant surgery an art. Each procedure is done with impeccable precision, personalized design, and the most important ingredient: passion.

We offer a comprehensive androgenic alopecia treatment thanks to the endorsement of expert dermatologist Maria Concepcion Gonzalez.

Experts in hair restoration treatments in Tijuana. In order to get a good treatment for alopecia, it is highly important to know everything about this affection. At HMR we know it more than anyone and this is why we offer solutions with precise results.


Who is Dr. Jorge Cortez?

» Jorge Cortez
» Surgeon
» Professional license: 6118154
» Founding member of Hair Medical Restoration
» Post graduate in Aesthetic Medicine
» Specialist in Aesthetics and Longevity: 8367641
» Masters in Aesthetic Surgery
» Dr. Jorge K. Cortez is an Associate Member of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery

“I’m a doctor who is passionate about health and challenges. Each day I offer my knowledge so my patients can have the aesthetic results they want and we can establish a relation based on shared satisfaction”. – Dr. Jorge Cortez

Who is Dr. Jimmy Cortez?

» Surgeon
» Professional license: 7389212
» Founding member of Hair Medical Restoration
» International ISHRS Congress, San Francisco 2013
» Bioenhancements for Hair Restoration Surgery course
» FUE Advanced/ Board Review Course

“As an aesthetic medicine professional, my greatest pleasure is to help patients feel good about themselves through high-quality surgical procedures”. – Dr. Jimmy Cortez


Who is Dr. Maria Concepcion Gonzalez?

» Surgeon
» Professional license: 643366
» Specialist in Dermatology, Leprology, and Mycology: 3270274
» Member of the American Society for Dermatological Surgery
» Member of the International Society for Dermatological Surgery, 2001
» World Dermatological and Cosmetic Meeting, Cancun, Mexico, 2011

“Each patient gets a comprehensive consultation since we have experts in every area needed for an alopecia treatment at HMR. Doctors Cortez are experts in hair transplant using the FUE technique, and I have a very broad experience in dermatological issues in medical treatments.” – Dr. Maria Concepcion Gonzalez

The bilingual work team at HMR is leaded by Doctors Cortez and is formed by specialists in follicular transplants in head, beard, eyebrow, chest, and injuries. All of their experience combined allows us to treat and solve any kind of alopecia you might present.

Permanent training

» In 2012, Dr. Jorge Cortez was part of the prestigious ISHRS International Hair Transplant Congress at the Bahamas.


» In 2013, Dr. Jimmy Cortez was capacitated at the ISHRS International Hair Transplant Congress at San Francisco, California.


» In 2014, The International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery named Dr. Jorge Cortez as one of the 25 Mexican doctors members of this international organization.


HMR is an organization that focuses on androgenic alopecia treatments. We offer no other treatments apart from hair transplant using the FUE technique, which guarantees results that are 100% effective.


Our organization gives consultations at the exclusive DETKO Building, located in the financial and gastronomical heart of Tijuana, a city that thrives in life and tourism. You will definitely enjoy your stay!

Outstanding attention and esthetic Here at HMR each patient is important. From the first moment you get bilingual medical attention, guaranteeing a professional, ethical and humane treat.