Five alopecia causes and their treatment

  • Five-alopecia-causes-and-their-treatment

Hair is one of the few things appreciated by everyone: nobody wants to go bald. Nonetheless, hair loss is a very common affection, more than you would think.

Hair grows and falls throughout our whole life. While 90% of the follicles are in constant growth, the rest is at an expulsion phase, known as pilose cycle.

When hair loss becomes excessive, there are reasons to be concerned. We present you with the Five alopecia causes and their treatment:

1. Stress
Stress and depression can cause hair loss, and while it may be temporary, it can also become a chronic illness. This type of hair loss is characterized by the hair falling in bundles when passing your hand through it.

2. Traumatisms
This type of hair loss is a result of injured follicles, be it by blows, burns or surgical procedures. The symptoms are thinning of hair, volume hair loss, and itching or pain in the affected areas.

3. Diseases
There are some diseases that can affect the normal growing cycle of the hair, such as anemia, autoimmune illnesses, or thyroid disorders. These produce altering in the skin, which affects growth and quality of the follicles.

4. Treatments and medications
Some treatments and medications have secondary effects that may result in hair loss. Some of these include chemotherapy, antidepressants, and some contraceptive pills. In most of these cases, hair will grow back a few months after the treatment has finished.

5. Alopecia
Alopecia is a disease that inhibits hair growth until this falls off. You can notice alopecia because of its aesthetic remark: hair loss all throughout the scalp, or in the frontal area and/ or crown of the head.

How can I know if my hair loss requires treatment?

You might be a candidate for hair transplant if you can notice excessive hair loss when you are taking a shower and bundles of hair come off.

If you have hair loss problems and want to get a professional diagnosis, just contact us.