Scar repair and traction alopecia treatment in Tijuana. Alopecia causes hair loss and develops from injured follicles, with our traction alopecia treatment and hair transplant for scar repair in Tijuana, you can forget all about hair loss.

traction alopecia treatment in tijuana

Traction alopecia treatment in Tijuana

Traction alopecia is a type of hair loss that presents itself mostly in women who style their hair using tension frequently. This generates a continuous and permanent injury on the hair follicle causing the hair to weaken and eventually fall down.

It can also be triggered by the constant use of hair styling instruments such as straighteners and blow dryers. The use of extensions and dye can cause hair loss in some areas, too.

Traction alopecia can be identified by these symptoms:

  • Dandruff and thinning hair
  • Considerable hair loss when brushing hair
  • Itching or pain in the affected area

Can you prevent it?

Traction alopecia can be prevented by styling your hair in a manner that does not use excessive tension. It is important to identify if you are presenting some of the symptoms above and, if you are, there are medical treatments that help with the hair’s natural growth. Hair transplant can also be suitable for you and it is a permanent solution.

In some cases, patients with psychological or psychiatric problems or patients under a medical treatment may lose their hair, but in both cases there is a solution. It is recommended to contact an expert in hair loss to get a diagnosis.

In both traction alopecia and scarring alopecia, hair follicles are permanently injured, which is why the best recommended treatment is hair transplant.

Scar repair treatment in Tijuana

Scarring alopecia —or cicatricial alopecia— is caused by an existing injury, be it a traumatic injury or a surgical one. This causes the hair follicle to get damaged permanently by the trauma or by the scarring process (fibrosis).

These hair follicles get damaged by the diminishing of blood supply towards the follicles, caused by an inflammatory process and/or the surgical technique.

Scars develop from traumatisms such as blows or burns, but they can also arise from surgical procedures such as a craniotomy, the Follicular Unit Transplant technique, forehead surgery, rhytidectomy, and more.

Craniotomies are usually emergency procedures attending brain injuries or encephalic traumatisms, and they are done through incisions on the scalp.

Aesthetic illness

Hair loss occurs due to an inflammatory process caused by cells destroying the follicles. In scarring alopecia, these inflammatory cells divide this type of alopecia in three categories: lymphocytic, neutrophilic, and mixed scarring alopecia.

Scarring alopecia is caused by external factors such as:

• Birthmarks                    • Burns

• Surgeries                     • Infections

• Hairdos with traction

scar repair treatment in tijuana

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