The best hair treatment for growth

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There is currently no medical treatment that is 100% proven to make hair grow from dead follicles. The available treatments through medication only act as a barrier for diseases causing baldness, or as a stimulant for growth. So, which hair treatment for growth is better? The only treatment that offers immediate and permanent results is hair transplant, a surgical treatment.

Hair transplant is a surgical procedure, this is, a process where a professional is physically involved in the patient’s body to solve alopecia. In other words, a surgical treatment is developed through a surgery. This procedure consists in extracting hair follicle units from the nape and the sides of the head –where it is more difficult that the body stops producing them– and then implanting them in the areas where hair loss occurred.

Which hair treatments for growth are in the market?

There are two treatments for alopecia, and both are through hair transplant surgery.

The FUE technique, or Follicular Unit Extraction, is a surgery that extracts each follicle individually. It requires no scalpel and leaves no scars.

The FUT technique, or Follicular Unit Transplant, is a procedure where a strip of scalp is removed from the patient in order to extract the individual follicle units.

Through the FUE technique the transplanted hair will go back to its natural growing cycle without stitches and without leaving any visible scar.

FUE technique features:

  • It is a non-invasive surgery
  • The follicles are extracted without the need of a scalp
  • No stitches required
  • Painless (similar to excoriation)
  • No general anesthesia
  • Best use of follicles
  • 4 days from the procedure it will be no track of it

FUT technique features:

  • It is an invasive surgery
  • A 20cm (8in) strip is dissected with a scalp
  • Intense pain after surgery
  • Waste of follicles in case of minimal transplant
  • Less expensive
  • A scar is left in the area of the dissection

The experts at Hair Medical Restoration recommend transplants using the FUE technique, since the results are more natural and aesthetic, it requires no stitches, and the pain and recovery time are down to a minimal.

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