Dr. César Sastré


About Dr. César Sastré

Aesthetic Medicine and Bariatric experience

He has dedicated his career to continue updating his knowledge alongside more qualified and experienced doctors in Mexico.

Certification and studies

  • General Medicine, at the Tijuana School of the Autonomous University of Baja California, from which he graduated with honors.
  • 2023 IMCAS (Congresses on Dermatology and Aesthetic & Plastic Surgery) in the capital of France, Paris.
  • Professional License: 13457510.

Hair transplant and aesthetic medicine have an incredible capacity to restore confidence and security to our patients, improving their self-esteem through medical and surgical treatments to stop the tolls of aging and counteract said deterioration in a personalized and effective way so that they always look radiant and above all that they feel happy and proud again when looking in the mirror.

Our career is very noble, honesty and transparency must always be a priority in our practice in order to maintain the trust of our patients by providing the best help or support as much as possible.

HMR is one of the leading companies in hair transplant and alopecia treatments, we are always at the forefront implementing advanced techniques to be a reference focus worldwide, since HMR is very renowned.

In a year, you will look back and wish you had started today.

My hobbies are canvas oil painting, reading, yoga, gym and nature

Our Certifications
We are proud to be a certified hair restoration clinic. Our certification demonstrates our commitment to maintaining the highest standards of quality and expertise in the field of hair restoration.

It is a testament to our dedication to providing exceptional care and delivering successful results for our patients.
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