Dr. Jonathan Villanueva

Surgeon and Midwife

About Dr. Jonathan Villanueva

With more than 8 years of experience in hair micrografting

Surgeon with speciality in capillary micrografting and trichology in Tijuana B.C. Mexico, with more than 8 years of experience in hair micrografting. Focused on offering the best physical appearance desired by men and women.

Certification and studies

  • Surgeon and midwife graduated from the Faculty of Medicine of Ciudad Universitaria of the UNAM
  • Diploma in Hair Micrografting with FUE technique by UNAM FES Zaragoza
  • Capillary micrografting and Trichology by the UdeG
  • Trichology and Capillary Microsurgery by the HMT and CETMC
  • Professional License: 7933112.
  • Surgeon and Midwife.

At HMR we are a great family in which we share the zest, experience and ability to perform international quality hair micrograft procedures, always maintaining high quality standards and seeking to innovate to offer the best experience and quality to our patients.

- Live a life you remember with pride. -

My hobbies are modeling, auto modeling and motor sports

Our Certifications
We are proud to be a certified hair restoration clinic. Our certification demonstrates our commitment to maintaining the highest standards of quality and expertise in the field of hair restoration.

It is a testament to our dedication to providing exceptional care and delivering successful results for our patients.
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