What to consider about a Hair Transplant

- May 28, 2024 -

Before having a hair transplant, there are several important things you should know and consider

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If you are looking for a hair transplant guide, here are the main points to keep in mind:


It’s crucial to schedule a consultation with a doctor that specializes in hair transplant. During the consultation, the doctor will evaluate your hair loss pattern, assess the donor area (where the hair will be taken from), discuss your expectations, and determine if you are a suitable candidate for a hair transplant. At HMR we have doctors who are in constant training and have lots of experience treating patients with alopecia.

Hair Transplant Techniques

Familiarize yourself with the different hair transplant techniques available. The two primary methods are Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). FUT involves removing a strip of scalp from the donor area, while FUE involves extracting individual hair follicles directly.

Surgeon’s Experience

At HMR we have highly qualified surgeons with more than 10 years of experience doing hair transplants, always using the best techniques in order to get the best results for you. Research their qualifications, training, and track record. Look for before-and-after photos of our previous patients to assess the quality.

Donor Area

The donor hair is typically taken from areas of the scalp that are genetically resistant to hair loss. The most common donor area is the back and sides of the scalp, where the hair follicles are not affected by male or female pattern baldness. These regions are referred to as the “permanent zone” or the “donor area.”


The duration of a hair transplantation procedure can vary depending on several factors, including the extent of the transplantation, the number of grafts being transplanted, and the individual’s specific needs.

To create a comfortable environment and promote communication with the patient, the day of the procedure, the surgeon will do a consultation, to talk about the expectations, the design and the process, this space is usually around 1 hour prior to the surgery. Once the patient is ready, we proceed with the extraction of the grafts. But it can be around 6-8 hrs.

At the end of the procedure, the subsequent indications are reviewed with the patient and the prescription for the following days is explained. At the end the surgeon describes the technique used, as well as the number of grafts that were implanted.

Additionally, the doctor of HMR Tijuana needs to carefully place each graft to achieve natural-looking results. Therefore, it’s important to prioritize the quality of the procedure over the duration to ensure the best possible outcome.


Hair transplant procedures are typically performed under local anesthesia, which means that the scalp is numbed to minimize any discomfort or pain during the surgery. The anesthesia is administered through injections into the scalp, and you should not feel any pain during the procedure itself. Your doctor of HMR Tijuana will provide appropriate pain medication and post-operative instructions to help manage any discomfort during the recovery period.

Long-Term Maintenance

Hair transplants are not a one-time solution. You should be prepared for ongoing maintenance and follow-up treatments, as hair loss can continue even after a transplant. Discuss maintenance options with your surgeon, such as medications or further procedures, to preserve and enhance your results.

Recovery Period

After a hair transplant, we recommend 3-4 days to rest and avoid the sun exposure. Then you can resume your regular activities and in two weeks you can exercise.

To obtain more personalized information, it is necessary to go to a consultation with one of our specialists in hair care. Hair Medical Restoration together with Dr. Jorge Cortez, offer online or face-to-face consultations to determine your specific case about the procedure. They will perform an analysis considering your circumstances, providing fully personalized advice based on your experience and expectations.

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